Learn more about what SoundAlarm Studio can prodvie.

Recording Services

Audio Music, Podcasting and,

Audio Dialogue Replacement. A recording is so special it's all about capturing the best audio takes. With an audio engineer to help assist the recording session.

Dj Services

Special Occasion, Birthday Parties, Weddings, School Celebrations, and Corporate Events.

Podcast Editing Services

 Audio will be edit to indusrty standard.

Mixing Services

Leveling Audio elements 

for Industry standard.

Removing unwanted noise and merging audio files. Creating a cohesive mixture of all the individual parts and performances that make up a song or track.

Mastering Services

Preparing your recorded and mixed audio content for radio airplay, duplication, replication or digital downloading.

Music Production and Beat Production Services

Creating a custom production or choosing from the studio music library.  Ask upon request.

What Our Clients Say

Deonte , Ceo of Dreamfaith Foundation

Excellent overall experience with SoundAlarm studio. The environment was clean and well sanitized which I greatly appreciated. Mitch was awesome!! He was prompt and he engineered a great sound quality for my project. I highly recommend.